Wight Conservation - Education

Wight Conservation’s landscapes with access to the public make ideal settings for a variety of educational projects across the curriculum from primary school to higher education.  Mottistone Down is well established as a popular venue and there is a Teacher’s Information Pack available which has been written in conjunction with West Wight Middle School.  The pack can be obtained from the Isle of Wight Teachers’ Centre at Thompson House, Sandy Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight PO32 3NA (Tel: 01983 533523), or via the DEFRA website.

Conservation issues that can be studied on Mottistone are:

  • Restoring chalk downland grazing
  • How the devastation caused by nature can be used to good effect
  • Management by conservation grazing
  • The return of ‘lost’ species
  • Problems of public access


Other possible subjects include:

  • The study of Early Bronze Age Man
  • How our familiar landscapes are a product of intensive management by man over thousands of years
  • Excellent opportunities for drawing, sketching, painting or photography
  • Inspiration for a variety of creative writing activities


Manor Farm, Wroxall, home of our fold (herd) of Highland cattle, demonstrates farming for wildlife.  Here management decisions give priority to the needs of wildlife.  The farm can be seen from the public rights of way and includes dramatic downland, lower lying fields and ancient woodland.  By prior arrangement, a restored barn can be made available as a base for educational visits.

Many of the issues and subjects that can be studied at Mottistone are also applicable to Wroxall Manor Farm.  Some additional ideas are:

  • Farming for wildlife
  • Highland cattle and the importance of native breeds
  • Woodland management
  • The importance of hedgerows
  • Working with neighbouring landowners
  • The Isle of Wight at war


Our Education Officer, John Paton, who has long experience of teaching at all age levels, is very happy to advise on the planning of an educational visit and to give guided walks.  All visits to Wroxall should be booked through him at 01983 760773.

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