Wight Conservation - Isle of Wight Hunt

The Final Day's Hunting

The Isle of Wight Foxhounds' final meet before the ban was held at Ashengrove Farm. The day ended in semi darkness an Wight Conservation's Idlecombe and Rowborough property. As "home" was blown on the hunting horn, many people were unashamedly in tears.

This gallery pays tribute to the Isle of Wight Hunt and is in recognition to the great contribution to conservation made by the Hunt over many years

Masters and Officials

Andrew Sallis, Joint Master and Huntsman

Will Hall, joint master and huntsman

 Johan Christofferson, Joint Master

Harold George former Joint Master

Carolyn Poland, former Field Master

Stuart Trousdale. Kennel Huntsman


Chris ("Spit"), Terrierman

Members of the Field

The Final Minutes

 Closing Moments



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